Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Jim Duncombe does not collect or hold personal data other than email and postal addresses necessary to communicate with clients or collaborators on a day to day basis or to fulfil contractual obligations.   

Jim Duncombe will have access to personal data held by clients either on their database or through a 3rd party cloud storage platform.

It is not our policy to download, store or share any information needed to fulfil our contract with any 3rd party and its to strictly be used solely for the use specified by the data holder. The data holder is responsible for communicating the use of this data by a 3rd party (i.e. Jim Duncombe)

To ensure the security of the data that we handle works with clients to ensure access details (i.e passwords) are changed on a regular basis.

All passwords, usernames, etc, that are provided to Jim Duncombe are stored in a safe and secure location that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Devices used by Jim Duncombe are all password protected and strictly for the use of authorized personnel and where necessary kept in a locked environment. If a device is used on a public network a private VPN is used.

Should a data breach be detected and clients databases be suspected of being targeted our policy is to inform the client immediately and work with them to inform individuals.   

If you think that Jim Duncombe may hold information relating to your personal data then you can request a copy and asked for that data to be deleted.

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